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Eye Conditions


Eye Conditions


A cataract is butting of the lens inside the eye that results in debilitating glare or loss of vision. The skilled surgeons at Ohio Eye Alliance perform small incision cataract surgery that enables patients to have almost immediate recovery after surgery. We offer premium lens implants that reduce dependence on glasses after surgery for both far and near vision.


Diabetes is the most frequent cause of new blindness in 20-74 year-olds. There are approximately 21 million diabetics in the U.S. with 8 million having some form of diabetic retinopathy. Of those 8 million, 700,000 have serious retinal disease. There will be 65,000 new cases of proliferative diabetic retinopathy each year with 24,000 new cases of blindness.

Dry Eyes

Ohio Eye Alliance offers the latest technology for diagnosing and managing dry eye syndrome, including sophisticated Tear Lab testing. Dry eye is a very common eye disease that is often associated with aging, computer use, certain medications, arthritic diseases, contact lenses and environmental conditions. The doctors at Ohio Eye Alliance can help create a treatment plan that will enable to you to regain a higher quality of life.


Glaucoma is a disease that causes loss of vision by damaging the optic nerve, the part of the eye that delivers the images you see to the brain. It is the second leading cause of blindness according to the World Health Organization. Over 3 million Americans have glaucoma, and it causes blindness in over 100,000 people annually. Because it can strike without warning or symptoms, it is often called the Sneak Thief of Sight.


Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) is a deterioration of the macula. The macula is the central portion of the retina on the back of the eye that provides us with central vision which is essential for reading, recognizing faces, driving, etc. Dr. Garfinkle at Ohio Eye Alliance offers the latest medical treatment for macular degeneration.

Children's Eye Care

Dr. Sanjeev Dewan provides comprehensive care for all medical and surgical eye problems in children. Dr. Dewan is dedicated to providing compassionate care to your child and places a premium on communicating with the parents about the most advanced medical and surgical care available. He also provides medical and surgical care for adults with double vision or strabismus.

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