At Ohio Eye Alliance, we are proud to offer a range of cosmetic procedures for patients who wish to enhance the natural beauty of their face and conceal signs of aging. In addition to eyelid surgery, our surgeon is also adept at administering minimally invasive cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers. These advanced procedures are designed to improve to restore youthfulness and improve facial beauty and radiance by greatly reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines and enhancing the volume of the lips, cheeks, facial scars and other facial depressions.

Ohio Eye Alliance is proud to have Dr. Sanjeev Dewan provide dermal fillers for our patients in the greater Canton, Alliance, and Youngstown areas including Stark, Holmes, Mahoning, and Columbiana counties of Northeastern Ohio.


How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

Unlike Botox, which paralyzes wrinkle-causing muscles, dermal fillers are designed to temporarily fill in facial wrinkles and lines, thereby giving you a smooth, wrinkle-free facial appearance. Every person is different with unique issues that need to be addressed adequately for a satisfactory outcome. This is why a complimentary one-on-on consultation is important for the success of your cosmetic procedure.


Are you a Candidate?

Dermal fillers are an excellent treatment option for patients who wish to temporarily enhance their facial appearance. A consultation appointment with our physician can help you determine whether you are a good candidate for this type of cosmetic treatment. During this meeting, our medical team will provide you with detailed information to help you decide which treatment option will lead to the best aesthetic results for you. Based on your candidacy, aesthetic goals and expectations, our physician may also suggest alternative treatment options. Contact us today to your consultation appointment.

We also offer Juvederm XC!


Why Choose Ohio Eye Alliance for Oculofacial Plastic Cosmetic Procedures?

Our facial rejuvenation expert is a board-certified who has undergone years of training in oculofacial plastic surgery. He is skilled not only in facial injectables, but is also as a talented provider of blepharoplasty and eyelid surgery. He understands the anatomy of the face and therefore is able to provide you with a safe and comfortable cosmetic treatment that will yield stunning aesthetic results with minimal tissue trauma and discomfort. In addition, Ohio Eye Alliance is among the few medical practices in the area to offer all-inclusive eye care (including LASIK and cataract surgery) as well as oculofacial plastic surgery.